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The Henry L. Hillman Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. For more information about the Opportunity Fund, Click Here

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Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund, created within the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, seeks proposals for “outside the box” thinking that will:

  • Transform a process to improve outcomes for a particular sector, project or issue. This can include changing a system or creating a program or service to fill a gap.
  • Leverage additional support for continued success.
  • Are timely in an effort to capture momentum.
  • Distinguishes the Pittsburgh region as a leader.

Opportunity Fund investments support new initiatives or new and novel approaches.  Investments provide initial funding and do not support on-going activities.

Application Procedure:

  • Requests are accepted only through the online application process.
  • The grant portal functions best in Chrome, Safari or Firefox internet browsers.
  • Applications are reviewed weekly; however, please allow sufficient time for the review and consideration, and a timely response.
  • There are no fixed deadlines for the submission of applications.
  • Please direct all questions regarding the application process to Carol Long at 412-338-3466; specific project-related questions should be directed to program staff.


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