Hillman Family Foundations:


Is the Hillman Family Foundations a grant-making entity?

No. The Hillman Family Foundations is purely an administrative entity that assists 18 family foundations in making grants. For specific information, please visit the websites of each of those foundations.

If I sent a proposal to the Hillman Family Foundations, could it then be presented to each of the 18 family foundations?

No. Each of the 18 family foundations makes grants based on different program and geographic areas. You should apply to those that are applicable to your organization and project.

I saw the 990 Tax Return for Hillman Family Foundations. Does this report for all of the 18 family foundations together?

Yes. We file one tax return for all of the foundations. For information specific to each foundation, please visit the appropriate website.


Individual Foundations:


What are your deadlines for grant applications?

The foundations take applications continually and will communicate any deadlines for additional information during the due diligence and review process.

What is my first step?

The best way to get started in our process is to complete our online application.  Please review the Application Procedure section of the website.

Can we set up a meeting to run several ideas by you?

While we would love to have the time to do this with everyone who requests it, there aren’t enough hours in the week. You are the expert and we want to hear from you what your organization holds as its priorities and if they are a fit with what we are funding, that’s the time to submit the online application.

Who do we call if we have questions about submitting an inquiry or proposal?

All questions regarding the application process should be directed to Carol Long at 412-338-3466 or celong@hillmanfo.com; specific project-related questions should be directed to program staff.

How quickly do you respond to inquiries or grant applications?

We try to respond within a week or two of the initial application. However, there are times when we think there is a possibility that something might move forward but cannot provide a firm yes or no. In that case, we will let them sit in a pending status while we firm up the agenda.

How long is the grant cycle from submission to decision?

This varies greatly and depends upon the foundation and when you bring us into the discussion.

Can you tell me if my project or organization is an area on which you are focused?

The best information will be on the foundation website and based on program areas and geographical areas. Reviewing the summary information of what the  foundation has funded is helpful as well.

What is the typical grant size?

A range of grants made is provided on the website. If you review the grants made, you can see that they vary based on the board’s interest in that program/geographic area and the funds needed for the proposed project. You should base your ask on your need but make sure it falls within the grant sizes reported in the foundation’s information.

Do the foundations make multi-year grants?

The foundation does not make a lot of multi-year grants, but does consider them.

Do the foundations fund individuals? Scholarships? Fundraising Events?

Please refer to the application information on the website for the types of projects the foundation will support.

Do you like to be added to the mailing list to receive newsletters, annual reports and the like?

It is very difficult to read the volume of newsletter and annual reports that we receive. We try to stay current, but more likely these are read when something comes in front of us from that organization for consideration. We also frequently receive annual appeals. We do not respond to those.

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